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Article: From Delivery Driver to Global Writer Overnight

Fathers hands wrapped around a new born babies wearing meaningful rings as a gift for fathers day Day

From Delivery Driver to Global Writer Overnight

With Father’s Day on the horizon, I wanted to share a short story of self-belief and the power of taking risks.

A few years ago, I got the life-changing news that I was going to be a father for the very first time. I still remember staring at the pregnancy test in my partner’s hand, heart pounding, and a wave of emotions crashing over me — joy, excitement, and a sudden sense of self-doubt.

A million thoughts raced through my mind — Was I ready to be a good dad? Was I doing enough? How could I provide the life I wanted for my family?

For me, that meant re-evaluating my career…

At the time, I was delivering parcels — a job I’d fallen back to during the uncertainty of COVID and a string of entrepreneurial setbacks.

It was steady, honest work, but it wasn’t fulfilling.

I’d done many jobs over the years — driving gigs, construction, dabbling in sales — but each one left me feeling a little emptier than the last. I’d always craved something more: something meaningful that could also provide financial stability.

Did such a job even exist?

Over time, I’d lost hope in finding it.

But now, with a baby on the way, I knew I needed to make a change.

One evening, while scrolling through my phone, I stumbled upon a men’s jewellery brand online. I’d never been much into jewellery, but something about one of their rings caught my eye.

It was a St. Christopher ring, and the description read:

“Your Saint will protect you on all your chosen paths. Step out of your comfort zone with confidence, and let what’s meant for you find its way.”

At that time, I guess I was searching for a sign, a boost, and this felt like it. So, I bought it. Practical? Probably not, considering we were expecting a baby, but it felt right.

I remember the first time I put it on — the weight of it on my finger felt reassuring. It became my little talisman, a nudge to keep searching, to keep showing up.

I wore that ring every single day.

In truth, I don’t remember taking it off.

As the due date grew closer, I came across a job posting on Instagram. It was for a lead copywriter at that very same jewelry brand. I’d always loved writing, but I’d never seen myself as a professional writer. It seemed unattainable for a guy who spent his days driving parcels from A to B.

Still, something in me said, “Go on, why not? What did I have to lose?” I believed in their brand, their message, and most importantly, in myself.

So, I decided to take a leap of faith.

I poured my heart into an application, and hit send.

Two weeks before my son was born, I got the call — CRAFTD London offered me the lead copywriter position. Overnight, I went from delivering parcels, to writing words of self-belief to millions of people around the world.

That ring — and that one small message — changed everything.

It wasn’t just a job offer to me; it was a lifeline, a brighter future for my family filled with possibilities. And all it took was one moment to dig deep and rediscover the belief in myself that I had lost sight of.

And it got me thinking…

Maybe we're all writers deep down. We just need the courage to share our words with the world, even if they inspire just one person. 

Fast forward, and I still wear my ring most days.

My son, now a toddler, often wraps his tiny fingers around it when he grabs for my hand. It carries a story I’ll forever be grateful for — a reminder of my journey, and what lies on the other side of taking risks.

First time wearing holding his new born baby

More importantly, I’ve learned a lesson I get to pass on to my son…

In the face of uncertainty, always take a leap of faith. Whether it’s pursuing a new career, starting a family, or chasing a dream, self-belief will always protect you through life’s twists and turns.

So to anyone hesitating at the edge of their comfort zone, wondering if they have what it takes: take that leap. The journey may be daunting, but the rewards are spectacular.

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