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Article: Gemstones

mans hand rest of a car steering wheel wearing a men's gemstone bracelet


For this campaign, we booked a little spot in Ibiza and left the details to chance. Our only plan was to enjoy ourselves. It's not your usual shooting style, but with our team and past experience, we knew we could make it work. So, we packed a few statement shirts and essentials, rented a classic Merc, and hit the road with no set agenda. Sometimes, that's all you need—a bit of spontaneity. No strict schedules, just endless possibilities. Nowhere to be, but everywhere to go.

From sunrise to sunset, the gemstones fit into every setting, almost as if they belonged there. Their versatility surpassed our expectations. That's the beauty of gemstones—they're timeless, adding the perfect touch of color for summer. Everything came together even better than expected. Our debut gemstones drop sold worldwide in just minutes. You can bet this collection will be the talk of summer '24.
Renowned for its abundance of positive energy, the Quartz Gemstone Bracelet is handcrafted with premium-cut Quartz and Malachite gems. Link by 18K Clovers throughout, each stone is housed within a bezel setting, boasting full beveled edges that not only enrich their vibrant green hues but also enhance their durability
The Crystal Gemstone Necklace presents a bold mix of premium-cut yellow crystal and rich Green Onyx. Each gem is securely housed within a bezel setting, with beveled edges intensifying their vibrant hues and ensuring longevity. Larger, oval-cut mother-of-pearls balance the design, whilst 18K Gold and clover silhouette detailing create a true statement piece.
The Pearlstone Necklace features a striking contrast of real pearl alongside red and yellow crystal. Set within secure bezel settings, each premium-cut gem boasts beveled edges that not only enrich its natural color but also ensure enduring durability. Yet, it's the larger, oval-cut mother-of-pearl and 18K Gold clovers that truly command attention. Designed for a perfect neckline fit, this piece features unique coupled links and is finished with our signature CD clasp and scratch-proof plating. 
The Clover Gemstone Necklace features red and amber crystal, contrasting between both radiant and baguette style cuts. Set within either a bezel or a 4-claw frame, each gem is complemented by Halo cut crystal and a ring of accent AAA stones. Oval and square-cut mother-of-pearls add balance to the design, while 18K Gold clovers and pavé-set stones highlight every detail.

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