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Article: The Legacy Collection

The CRAFTD Legacy Jewellery Collection

The Legacy Collection

By Alex Cannon

Over half a decade ago, CRAFTD set out to bring a fresh perspective to the world of men's jewellery. Backed by this community, we took risks, challenged norms, and emerged as leaders in disruptive new designs. The vision was to create the best men's jewellery in the world, and every one of you has helped bring that vision to life. Now, the next chapter begins... 

Man's hand on a desk wearing a men's 18K Gold signet ringMan's hands polishing an assortment of men's gold and silver signet ringsMan stood facing the camera wearing layered gemstone necklaces for men

Remaining true to our values, CRAFTD looks forward, introducing new layers to the brand and building upon the legacy you've helped shape. The Legacy Collection marks a fresh chapter, blending the past with the present while firmly setting our sights on the future.

Man stood behind till of an antiques shop opening a men's jewelry box with loads of different men's jewelry including gold and silver rings, bracelets and necklacesUp close product shot of a man's silver clover necklace and chainTwo Men's 18K Gold band rings stacked on top of a desk

Beyond jewelry, CRAFTD has evolved into a lifestyle for many. In the coming year, you can expect to see our logo on more than your favourite metals—think fresh gemstones, pearls, and all-new materials. More exclusive, one-of-a-kind designs you'll never find elsewhere.

Up close shot of man's black cord baseball cap and then the cap being worn along side men's jewelryMen's Silver band ring and silver clover necklaces stacked next to each otherMen wearing an 18K gold gemstone necklaceMen's 18K Gold Citrine Gemstone NecklacesMen's silver freshwater pearls necklaceMan walking out of antique shop having bought loads of silver jewellery including rings, bracelets and necklacesShop the legacy collection

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