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Article: Silver Necklace Saves Man's Life After Stopping Bullet in it's Tracks

Man's Life saved by silver chain stopping bullet in Colorado

Silver Necklace Saves Man's Life After Stopping Bullet in it's Tracks

It seems that in addition to being waterproof, heatproof, and sweatproof, men’s jewellery now boasts a new accolade: bulletproof.

In a recent turn of events, a shooting incident in Colorado took a miraculous turn when a man's life was saved by an unlikely hero: his Silver Necklace. The Commerce City Police Department shared the incredible story on their Facebook page, revealing how a piece of jewelry literally turned out to be the difference between life and death.

According to the police report, the victim was engaged in a heated argument when the situation escalated, and the suspect pulled out a gun, firing a .22 caliber bullet directly at the victim. However, fate intervened as the bullet found its path obstructed by the victim's necklace, a sturdy 10mm Silver Cuban Necklace. 

"We'd say he really dodged a bullet– but in reality, he LODGED a bullet," commented the police department humorously.

In a chilling image shared on social media, authorities showcased the lodged bullet in the man’s Cuban Link Necklace, accompanied by traces of dried blood, sparking curiosity about the necklace's exact composition. 

A silver cuban link necklace with a 22mm bullet lodged in the centre surround by blood

Image source: Commerce City Police Department

"We don't know what kind of metal this is, but it's likely not pure silver. We looked it up... and silver is soft" shared the Commerce City PD in a recent Facebook post

Although the exact metal composition hasn't been disclosed, one thing is for certain: this was no ordinary piece of jewelry.

Its unique construction enabled the necklace to act as an unforeseen barrier, effectively stopping the bullet and preventing serious harm. This fortunate turn of events not only saved the victim's life but also highlighted the potential durability and lasting qualities of alternative jewelry, like the stainless steel options from brands such as CRAFTD London. Stainless steel jewelry is renowned for its durability compared to silver and gold—waterproof, heatproof, sweatproof, and now, as fate would have it, bulletproof.

(c) Sky News 2024: Necklace 'saves man's life' after stopping bullet going into his neck, police say

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