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Article: How to Style a Cuban Link Chain

Man wearing a plain white t-shirt and layering a black coat and silver cuban link chain

How to Style a Cuban Link Chain

The Cuban Link Chain is nothing short of iconic. It's a bold statement piece that represents wealth, status, and power. And yet, it still possesses a classic understated appeal that easily complements your everyday style. But with so many different lengths, widths, styles and metals, how do you actually style a Cuban Link Chain the right way. Well, first things first... 

Forget everything you’ve been told:

Men’s jewellery is overrun with rules, but these so-called 'rules' will only suffocate your style and creativity. In truth, there's no perfect way to wear a Cuban Link Chain. If it feels right to you, it's probably right. That being said, even in a world without rules, a bit of guidance can go a long way.

So, if you're new to this game, or just want to explore some fresh new ways to style your favourite Cuban Link Chain, you’re in the right place.  

Man wearing a black t-shirt and layering a Gold Cuban Link Chain

Let's kick things off with the most low risk style and work our way up to some more creative styling options that you've probably not seen before. And, for all you jewellery enthusiasts, some bolder and more risky options too. Feel free to jump ahead to find the style that speaks to you:

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How to wear a Cuban Link Chain solo:

Most people will tell you that a Cuban Link Chain looks best when worn solo, and there's no denying this has proven to be a winning choice time and time again. But times are changing, and with so many other Men’s jewellery options available, is going the 'solo' a little too easy?

Man stood in the street and wearing a gold Cuban Link Chain in Gold

Easy or not, styling your Cuban Link Chain solo is always a solid choice. It's a bold move that adds power to your outfit while keeping it understated. A single Cuban Chain offers a clean and consistent look from day to nighta timeless choice that you can effortlessly throw on without overthinking.

Some looks stay classic, and the beauty of wearing a Cuban Chain alone is that you can choose any style, width, length, or metal without room for error.

Man wearing a denim jacket, dark coloured t-shirt and a Gold Cuban Link Chain

Just a heads-up: be mindful to match your metal to the tone of your outfits. Silver pairs well with white, cream, tan, black, grey, and all shades of beige. Gold is a bit pickier but looks killer with browns, beiges, and earth tones.

Oh, and if you're into richer colours like Royal Blue or Hunter Green, a Gold Cuban Chain can give your look a much stronger statement.

How to wear an ICED Cuban Link Chain:

If you’re all set on the solo style but still want to draw a bit more attention, consider checking out an ICED Cuban Link Chain. How you wear it is entirely up to you, but it tends to pair well with a relaxed, casual fit—more of a daytime piece that easily transitions into the evening. A Silver ICED Cuban Chain paired with a simple white or beige tee is a strong combo.

Man wearing a plain white t-shirt and styling an ICED Cuban Link Chain in Silver

There's one unspoken rule for this Cuban, though: due to its nature, it usually stands out best when worn alone. So, if you're thinking about layering (more on that to come), maybe stick to a Cuban Link Chain without the ICE. The ICE is statement enough.

Layer with a secondary Classic Chain

If you’ve been wearing your Cuban Link Chain solo for some time and want to change up your look, try adding a secondary Chain. Whether it's a Rope chain, Figaro chain, or a Connell chain, the options here are endless.

While the Cuban Link Chain already exudes a bold and rugged look, introducing a secondary chain creates a more intentional and cohesive look, subtly drawing even more attention to the Cuban Chain—it's a smart way to refresh your style while keeping the spotlight on the classic Cuban. 

Man wearing a white t-shirt, green shirt and a Gold Cuban Link Chain in 12mm

Determining how long your chains should be and where they sit is entirely up to you—no right or wrong answers here. However, as a general rule, having both chains at the same or similar length tends to give the cleanest and most purposeful look.

If one is too long, it might throw off the balance and distract from your Cuban. On the flip side, if it's too short, it could risk looking disconnected. 

Man wearing a white t-shirt, white ribbed shirt, and an 18K Gold Cuban Link Chain

Oh, and this approach works with all sizes of Cuban Chains, whether it's 4mm, 8mm, or even the chunkier 12mm. The key is finding that sweet spot that feels just right for your style.

Layer a pendant (or two) 

Odds are, you've got at least one pendant in your jewellery collection, and if not, it's probably worth grabbing a couple of options. The thing is, when it comes to choosing between wearing a pendant or a Cuban Link Chain, there's really no need to choose at all.

In fact, layering your favourite pendant with a Cuban Link Chain is one of the best combos you can go with. It gives you the boldness of the Cuban Link Chain paired with the added personality and meaning that comes with wearing your favourite pendant.

It's the ideal balance, making it one of the best combinations for any casual or dressed-up look, no matter the occasion.

Man wearing a basic white t-shirt and styling a Silver Cuban Link Chain and other men's jewellery

Visually, it's a showstopper. The added length from your pendant allows it to sit comfortably below your Cuban Chain, meaning that neither has to compete for attention. It strikes the perfect balance, transforming both chains into instant power pieces. 

Here's where you can begin building on your previous favourite combinations. As seen below, you can level up from layering your secondary Gold Chain, to effortlessly adding in a matching Gold Pendant.

Man wearing a white t-shirt and textured green overshirt. With this outfit he's styling a Gold Cuban Link Chain in 4mm

The beauty of this style is its versatility—you can easily begin switching up your favourite pendants daily, keeping your look fresh and dynamic. Personally, this is our favourite choice.

If you're feeling especially bold, we've seen some killer looks with a Cuban Link Chain layered with even more than one pendant. It's all about embracing what makes you feel most confident and comfortable in your own skin.

Man wearing a long sleeved plain black t-shirt and a Rose Gold Cuban Link Chain in 4mm

Seasonal Styling:

Gold and Silver look great all year round, but you might notice a trend: Silver tends to take the spotlight during the summer, while Gold enjoys more attention in the winter. It's mostly because Silver has a lighter feel, while Gold brings warmth.

However, there's a specific Cuban Link Chain that steals the show during the autumn and winter months—Rose Gold.

A sleek 4mm Cuban Link Chain in Rose Gold adds a depth to your look that's unmatched by any other metal. Its warm tone just hits different and complements those thicker tonal jumpers and classic black tees.

Man wearing a tonal brown jumper and a 4mm Cuban Link Chain in Rose Gold

Speaking of Rose Gold, this is where we can make an exception to mixing metals. The warm and versatile tone of Rose Gold seamlessly pairs with both Gold and Silver, allowing you to mix, match, and layer with endless possibilities.  

Man wearing a thin black wool jumper and layering a 4mm Cuban Link Chain in Rose Gold

Pair with matching bracelets and rings: 

How you wear and style your Cuban Link Chain doesn't end at the neck. Creating a cohesive look can really make the most and maximise the impact of that statement chain. Since it's such a dominant piece, balancing the look with other silver and gold accessories is preferable—just make sure all those pieces share the same metal (that's a must). 

For the most clean and consistent look, nothing beats a matching Gold Cuban Link Chain and Bracelet Set. This also looks great in Silver. 

Man wearing a plain black t-shirt and a Matching Cuban Link Chain and Bracelet Set Gold 
Man's hand resting on his shoulder. He's wearing a plain black t-shirt and a Matching Cuban Link Chain and Bracelet Set in Gold

Soon, your Cuban Set will become non-negotiable daily pieces for you. Once you're comfortable, you'll be ready to add some rings into the mix. Whether you begin with a single statement ring or stack them on almost every finger, the beauty of rings lies in their ability to make this process feel effortless. 

Man with a grey demin jacket on sat in a chair and wearing a Silver Cuban Link Bracelet and Rings

But we're not done with exploring how to wear your Cuban Link Chain up top just yet. There's one final way, or depending on how you look at it, multiple different ways left to explore... 

Experiment with multiple layers

This is where your journey into expanding your collection and experimenting with other styles truly begins. The rules here remain the same: there are none. Mix, match, and stack the styles that catch your eye. We've witnessed some bold choices that, to be honest, just work.

Picture an ICED out Tennis Chain with multiple pendants, chains, and a Cuban—that's four layers of statement-making style, and it works. It's all about expressing yourself and having fun with your collection.

Man sat down with a back t-shirt on. He's sat in the window with light shining on him and he's wearing a Cuban Link Chain and other Men's Accessories

It all boils down to the person wearing it and the energy you want to express. Your style evolves as you do. It's a reflection of your current lifestyle and growth. Eventually, how you choose to style your Cuban Link Chain becomes second nature. It's about figuring out what feels right and what doesn't. 

Like anything in life, it's all trial and error. So, if there are any pieces you've got your eye on, it's probably time to pull the trigger and make them a part of your collectionyou can explore all the pieces featured in this article here.

Man's hands wearing a Gold Cuban Link Bracelet and other gold signet rings and jewellery

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