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Article: An Easy Method on How To Untangle a Necklace

An Easy Method on How To Untangle a Necklace

An Easy Method on How To Untangle a Necklace

What do flat tires, dead batteries, and tangled necklaces have in common? They're all inconveniences that can stop you in your tracks and add stress to your day.

Let's say you're getting ready for an important event and want to look your best. You're about to walk out the door when you realize your slim rope chain would complete your look. As you dig through your jewelry storage to find it, you realize it's knotted in several places, meaning you can't wear it.

Although unknotting necklaces can be time-consuming, it's not impossible. Let's look at the easiest methods for untangling your favorite chains and pendants.

The Three Best Ways to Untangle Your Necklaces

When you have time to work on salvaging your knotted necklaces, you've got a few options for how to go about it. You can try several tricks to get the job done.

Here are three possibilities for untangling your jewelry:

1. Try a Safety Pin

If you've ever tried to untangle a necklace with only your hands, you'll know how frustrating it can be. For a more efficient way to get knots out of your chains, use a safety pin or another object with a needle tip.

First, lay your necklace on a flat surface. Then, find the knot and insert the fine-point tip into it. From there, gently wiggle the needle to try to loosen the tangle. If you have two objects with needle points, you can use them both to spread the chains and remove the tangle slowly.

You can also use baby powder to help loosen the knots if safety pins take a while. The powder may help loosen the necklace to make the process easier. Make sure to clean your pieces after using baby powder or any similar additives.

2. Use Window Cleaner

Window cleaner can act as a lubricant for your jewelry. If you want to try this method, you'll need a plastic container, some window cleaner, and a clothes dryer.

First, spray the window cleaner on the knots and place the necklace inside the plastic container. Place the closed plastic box on top of your dryer so that the container vibrates along with the machine. As the container vibrates, the knots should loosen.

3. Oil Your Necklace

You can also use oil to lubricate the knots on your necklace. If you want to avoid getting messy, try using a cotton swab to apply the oil all over the necklace. Then, you can use safety pins to loosen the knots.

When you've successfully untangled your necklace, you'll most likely want to clean your chains off to restore them to their original, shiny state. You can place your necklaces in a bowl with dish soap and warm water to clean them. Then, rinse your chains and dry them with a clean cloth.

How To Prevent Necklaces From Tangling

Knowing how to get knots out of necklaces can come in handy. Still, it's a good idea to know how to prevent your chains from getting tangled in the first place.

Here are a few storage tips you can keep in mind to avoid tangles:

  • Keep your necklaces on individual hooks. This way, each chain can hang without intertwining.
  • Stop yourself from laying your jewelry in random places. One of the top causes of jewelry getting tangled is taking it off and placing it in miscellaneous locations. Next time you take off your chains before bed, decide on a place where you can put them without them tangling.
  • Use a bulletin board. If you don't have jewelry hooks, you can place pins on a bulletin board and hang them there. Doing this can help keep them from getting stuck to one another in a mixed jewelry bin.

Packing Tips to Avoid Tangles

Are you planning to go on vacation anytime soon? You'll probably want to pack your favorite rings, chains, earrings, and bracelets. However, if you pack them the wrong way, you may end up with tangled bracelets and necklaces.

Here are a few packing tips you can try when you want to keep your necklaces in excellent condition:

  • Use straws. This tip might seem strange at first, but threading your necklace through a straw and clasping it on the other side can keep it from tangling. You can use multiple straws for multiple necklaces. Then, place those straws inside designated storage to protect them from your other belongings.
  • Use a toilet paper or paper towel tube. If you have short necklaces or bracelets, threading them through a paper towel tube and fastening them can keep them organized.

Seven CRAFTD Necklaces To Add To Your Collection

Unfortunately, sometimes you may find that you cannot loosen your tangled necklaces. Discarding your jewelry is no fun, but replacing it can be.

Let's explore seven CRAFTD necklaces you can add to your jewelry. Whether your chains are tangled or you are simply looking to expand your collection, a wardrobe refresh might be in order.

1. The Wolf Pendant

Your jewelry can represent your values and worldview. Are you someone who tends to go through life on your own terms? You might feel like a lone wolf, and there's power in that.

Our CRAFTD Wolf Pendant features a howling wolf bearing its teeth. You can wear this necklace as a reminder that you lead your pack on your path.

2. The Palm and Dove Pendant

Some people are made for the outdoors. They come alive under bright sun rays, surrounded by the forces of nature around them.

The Palm and Dove Pendant is for those who can't get enough adventure under the sun. In high-quality gold or silver, this is a piece that exudes wild freedom. Wear it with multiple chains for a coordinated effect.

3. The Crucifix

If there's one piece of jewelry that transcends cultures and time periods, it's the crucifix necklace. Our CRAFTD Crucifix portrays the age-old symbol of Christ on the Crucifix. It's a picture that many have loved for years for varying reasons.

You might connect with the religious aspect of this emblem, or you may be someone who vibes with the message of leadership, purpose, and self-sacrifice. Regardless of where you find yourself, you can wear this iconic pendant and look amazing doing it.

4. The Compass Pendant

Your jewelry can serve as a personal reminder of your purpose, and it can also make for a killer conversation starter. Our CRAFTD Compass Pendant is for those who follow their inner compass to craft their legacy.

When others see this pendant, they might ask if it has meaning to you. That gives you the opportunity to open up a discussion about who you are and what drives you. Or, you can always keep them guessing.

5. The Cupid's Revenge Pendant

At the end of the day, no one looks out for your best interest like you can, and self-love is a powerful force. Wear this necklace to remember that you are your own top priority.

Our CRAFTD Cupid's Revenge Pendant looks terrific in high-quality stainless steel or 18-karat plated gold. Show it off with every bit of self-confidence you've got.

6. The Africa Pendant

Where do you call home? Wearing jewelry representing your history can help you feel connected to your origins. Our CRAFTD Africa pendant portrays the continent of Africa in gleaming gold or silver. It's an ideal piece of jewelry to include with your everyday chains if you're someone with roots, memories, or lineage in this influential continent.

7. The Iced Cross

Incorporating ice into your pieces is essential when you're building out your jewelry collection. Our CRAFTD Iced Cross is another piece of jewelry with iconic history. Wear this one with an eye-catching iced Tennis Necklace for maximum effect.

More Essential Jewelry Care Tips

We believe your jewelry should last for decades. If you want to keep your favorite chains, necklaces, and other pieces for a long time, following a few key ideas can help.

How To Keep Your Jewelry Clean

If you're someone who misplaces your belongings often, you may want to take special care when dealing with jewelry. It might be a habit to leave jewelry in car cup holders, the shower, or near the kitchen sink.

While this practice looks attractive as you rush to change for your next event, doing so can lead to dust, soap, and dirt building up. Keeping your jewelry in a clean, designated spot can help it look better for longer.

Invest In New Pieces

You don't have to keep wearing tarnished or rusting jewelry just because it holds sentimental value. Instead, treat yourself to new pieces that express your style and personality.

How Do You Buy High-Quality Jewelry?

When updating your jewelry collection or gifting jewelry, avoid jewelers that offer sub-par craftsmanship at attractive prices. You're better off treating yourself to jewelry that uses excellent materials for longer life.

CRAFTD's Commitment to Lasting Jewelry

At CRAFTD, we're dedicated to using high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship throughout our collections. Our pieces are sweatproof, heatproof, and waterproof. They're tough enough to withstand anything; you can wear them to job interviews and mountain biking trips alike.

We'll Help You Step Up Your Jewelry Game

Knowing how to untangle your jewelry is a skill that can come in handy. In the same way, knowing when to invest in fresh drip can also serve your style. When you're ready to upgrade your look with high-quality chains and necklaces, browsing our collections at CRAFTD is the perfect first step.


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