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Artikel: Styling Cristian Romero for SWM

Cristian Romero Styles CRAFTD London Jewellery for SWM

Styling Cristian Romero for SWM

“To you and me, Cristian Romero has a reputation for being a fierce competitor and loyal teammate. But off the field, he reveals a different side to his character: one of a deferential family man whose singular ambition is to support his family and make them proud”Sports World Magazine

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Manuel Akanji Styling CRAFTD London Jewellery for SWM

Styling Manuel Akanji for SWM

When you play for the best club side in Europe, you share the stage with the world’s most talented and marketable footballers, who are all vying for one of 11 coveted places in the starting lineup....

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mans hand rest of a car steering wheel wearing a men's gemstone bracelet


For this campaign, we booked a little spot in Ibiza and left the details to chance. Our only plan was to enjoy ourselves. It's not your usual shooting style, but with our team and past experience, ...

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