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Artikel: The Easiest Way on How To Clean Your Jewelry

The Easiest Way on How To Clean Your Jewelry

The Easiest Way on How To Clean Your Jewelry

You probably wouldn't want to walk out of the house with stains on your shirt or product build-up in your hair. Making good impressions means giving extra care to the details of your appearance.

Although dirty jewelry is not as easy to spot as a pair of muddy tennis shoes or a sweat-stained shirt, it can bring down your look. Taking time to ensure you have clean jewelry free of grime and smudges can make all the difference in your look.

Let's check out a few of the easiest ways to get your fine jewelry looking spotless.

What Are the Best Cleaning Methods for Jewelry?

Let's say you've noticed your favorite pendant necklaces lacking their usual luster. In that case, you don't have to freak out and purchase some fancy ultrasonic cleaning device. A simple toothbrush and a few other household items will do.

We've rounded up a few DIY hacks to help you out. Read below to find out which cleaning solution is your ideal dirty jewelry solution.

Try Dish Soap

Believe it or not, letting your jewelry soak in dish detergent is one of the best options for keeping it clean. For this method, mix a few drops of dishwashing soap into a bowl of warm water.

Agitate the mixture to get soapy water and let your jewelry soak for 15 or 20 minutes. Then, take your toothbrush and gently scrub your jewelry, getting into the crevices to loosen any remaining dirt.

After your jewelry has soaked, you can run each piece under cool water and lay them on a clean cloth to dry.

Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is another household item that can double as a jewelry cleaner. If you've got a package of baking soda, you can make a paste combining three parts baking soda with one part water. This cleaning technique works exceptionally well for stainless steel and silver jewelry that looks tarnished.

Using a polishing cloth or a microfiber lint-free cloth, apply the paste to your silver jewelry and rub it gently to get the spots off. Rinse your jewelry with cool water and buff it with another soft cloth to dry it.

Bring Out the Toothpaste

Toothpaste is good for more than cleaning your teeth. Just like how this paste removes bacteria and plaque build-up off your teeth, toothpaste can also help cleanse your jewelry.

If you use this method, use white toothpaste rather than gel. Using a toothbrush, gently scrub your gold or silver jewelry to get them looking their best. Then, as always, rinse with cold water and let them air dry or buff your pieces of jewelry with a soft cloth.

Cleaning Tips to Keep in Mind

When you're cleaning your jewelry, you'll want to be mindful of a few things.

Let's consider the unique concerns to keep in mind as you make your jewelry shine.

Be Gentle With Your Jewelry

Different types of jewelry require special care. For example, if you're dealing with costume jewelry, you may find that tarnished spots don't come off as easily, and you could need to replace discolored pieces.

On the other hand, if you're dealing with high-quality gold or silver, you'll usually be able to remove the soil from your jewelry to enjoy them, tarnish and dirt-free.

Keep an Eye out for Gemstones

Does your jewelry have gemstones? If your necklaces or bracelets contain precious gems, you'll want to be very careful not to use harsh cleaning agents.

Opals, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires make for killer jewelry, but try to use a gentle, soft-bristled toothbrush on these surfaces when you're aiming for spotless gemstones.

Lay Your Pieces Out to Dry Individually

When you wash your jewelry and let it soak in a bowl, you may choose to let your pieces of jewelry air dry. When doing so, make sure you untangle necklaces and bracelets so that each piece of jewelry has its own space to dry and nothing gets mixed up.

Make the Most of Your Time While You Clean

If you're soaking your jewelry, you'll probably have 15 or 20 minutes to fill. Rather than spending it looking at social media, you can use that time to refresh yourself on a few of our style tips. With more knowledge under your belt, you'll feel more confident wearing your jewelry.

What Are 3 Reasons Your Jewelry Needs Cleaning?

If you've never cleaned your jewelry before, you could be wondering why it's necessary. Giving your jewelry a wash now and then isn't futile; it can help your favorite pieces look stunning and keep you excited to wear them out.

Keep reading to understand a few of the main reasons your jewelry may need cleaning.

1. Oil and Sweat Build-Up

As you go throughout your day, your body produces natural oils in reaction to your environment. If you're active, you'll notice that you also produce sweat, which can leave unpleasant stains and odors on your clothing.

Just like you'd wash your clothing after wearing it for a while, you'll also want to clean the oils and sweat build-up that accumulates on your jewelry. You don’t have to do it every day, but once every one or two weeks can make a difference.

2. Dirt Accumulation from Your Lifestyle

Are you someone who prefers to be outdoors? Maybe your job requires you to get dirty each day, or perhaps you like to spend your free time landscaping your yard.

In these cases, the jewelry you wear may have gotten dirt in its crevices without you realizing it. Washing the pieces that you wear daily can allow them to look fresh for longer.

3. Lack of Jewelry Storage

Another reason your jewelry might look dirty is because of poor storage. We know life gets busy, and sometimes you may misplace your chains and other jewelry or leave them lying in odd places. When this happens, your jewelry might end up collecting dust.

Cleaning your jewelry is an excellent option for making your beloved pieces look great again, but storing them in a jewelry box or another designated area can help prevent this problem. As always, investing in high-quality jewelry can help you ensure you maintain your jewelry's luster for longer.

What Essentials Does Your Collection Need?

Are you ready to upgrade your jewelry collection? Trying fresh accessories can help you elevate your appearance and step into your best self.

Let's look at six essential pieces from your favorite jeweler that you can add to your rotation today to add more personality and style to your wardrobe.

1. The CRAFTD Signet Ring

Signet rings indicated status and high class throughout history. Today, you can wear our CRAFTD Signet ring as a reminder that you're in the driver's seat in your life. Select your preference of premium 316L stainless steel or18-karat plated gold jewelry, and enjoy the way this ring coordinates with your other jewelry to make you look sharp.

2. The CRAFTD Vuto Pendant

Perhaps you're the sort of person who enjoys wearing versatile jewelry. Our CRAFTD Vuto pendant features an oblong face with an indented raised border. Wear it with other chains for expert coordination, or enjoy its simplicity while wearing it solo. This is a terrific go-to piece you can wear each day.

3. The CRAFTD Cuff Bracelet

It might be time for you to get into wearing bracelets. If you don't typically reach for this kind of jewelry, don't worry. Adding a stunning cuff bracelet to your wardrobe can help you dress up your usual attire.

Our CRAFTD Cuff bracelet makes an excellent addition to other jewelry and multiple clothing looks. Try it to see how you can make it your own.

4. The CRAFTD Cuban Chain

If there's one accessory to keep on high rotation in your collection, it's this one. Our CRAFTD Cuban chain is a piece of jewelry with an iconic design that others have worn with pride for decades. You can wear this piece solo or pair it with other pendants and chains for a more layered eye-catching appearance.

5. The CRAFTD Tennis Bracelet

Sometimes, adding ice to your look is crucial. When you want to bring your style to the next level, our CRAFTD Tennis bracelet can help. This style has a reputation for its iconic daily wearability, and it's one you'll never want to take off.

Go with your preference of high-quality gold or silver and pair your tennis bracelet with your best chains and statement rings. You won't regret giving this piece a try.

6. The CRAFTD Cross Pendant

Are you a person of faith? You might have grown up attending religious services with your family or hearing prayers recited before meals. If that's a part of your history or your present, you can honor that piece of your life with the jewelry you wear.

Our CRAFTD Cross pendant features the cross symbol that has been iconic for centuries. You can wear it as a representation of your lifestyle or a reminder of your roots.

It's Time To Level Up with to High-Caliber Jewelry

You shouldn't have to take off your favorite chains, bracelets, rings, or earrings every time you're about to get dirty. We believe your jewelry should be durable to withstand your life.

At CRAFTD, our pieces are made with excellent quality materials to support your style for longer. Our jewelry is waterproof, sweatproof, and heatproof, and you can wear it almost anywhere.


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