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Article: The Ultimate Guide On How To Measure Ring Size

The Ultimate Guide On How To Measure Ring Size

The Ultimate Guide On How To Measure Ring Size

Let's talk about you. You're constantly improving yourself, and we believe your jewelry should level up with you. When you enter into a new era in your life, introducing new pieces of jewelry can help you boost your style and step into a new confidence. But just like your jewelry needs to fit who you are, it also needs to fit you –– literally.

Shopping online for jewelry has multiple benefits. For one, you can check out the details on tons of pieces without leaving your couch or pausing your favorite TV show. Unfortunately, purchasing rings online can sometimes lead to buying jewelry that doesn't fit correctly.

You might purchase one that's a half-size too large and need to resize it. Or you might discover that you need a larger size than you initially remembered.

Let's look at how to measure ring size so that you know exactly how to order rings that fit you perfectly.

How Do You Measure Your Ring Finger?

Let's face it –– you don't always want to go out of your way to visit a brick-and-mortar jeweler. When you want to shop conveniently at an online jewelry store for rings that are a perfect ring size, there are several methods you can try.

Let's check them out:

  1. Use a Piece of String: Do you have any string lying around the house? You can use it to measure your finger to get the correct ring size. First, wrap it around the base of your finger where you'd wear a ring, then mark where the tip overlaps. Using a measuring tape or a ruler, line up the piece of string and measure its length.
  2. Try Floss: Don't have string stashed in your junk drawer? No problem. You can use dental floss using the same steps listed above to accurately measure your finger size.
  3. Use a Strip of Paper: If you’re in a pinch, paper can work just fine. When using this method, be especially careful not to get a paper cut. You can follow the same steps listed for option one.
  4. Use an Existing Ring: This option cuts out the arts and crafts techniques. You can opt to use a ring that you already know fits you well. To use this method, you'll want to compare the ring to a ring size chart.

How Do You Use a Ring Size Chart?

If you're dealing with a ring sizer for the first time, you may be wondering the best way to use it. Most ring sizer charts note the size of a ring's circumference in millimeters so that your measurement works with international sizing.

To use it, compare your ring's size to the size on the conversion chart. Choose the matching size on the chart and note its measurement in millimeters.

How Our CRAFTD Sizing Works

At CRAFTD, we use millimeter measurement to find your best fit ring. When you measure using one of the above methods, be sure to allow for your knuckle so that you can slide your band on and off comfortably.

Eight CRAFTD Rings To Try On When You Find Your Size

Are you ready to enhance your style by adding new elements to your jewelry collection? Once you find your finger measurement to determine your best ring size, you have a world of options available to you.

Let's look at eight CRAFTD rings you can try on to elevate your appearance:

1. The CRAFTD Band Ring

There's nothing wrong with keeping it simple sometimes. When you're looking for a ring that you can wear with absolutely anything, our CRAFTD Band ring is your type of ring. Wear it alone for simplicity, or dress it up with multiple statement rings.

2. The CRAFTD Cali Ring

On days when you want your jewelry to make an impression, wearing bold rings can help. Our CRAFTD Cali ring is one option you can sport to catch people's attention in the best way. Its square black face is its most prominent feature, but the mid-weight band with our CRAFTD logo adds texture to this power piece.

3. The CRAFTD Inception Ring

Our Inception ring is not only eye-catching with its Roman numeral details, but it's also symbolic. Your life is here for a moment in time, and you shape the time that you're here in a way no one else can. Lean into that significance and remind yourself of the value that only you can contribute to the world.

4. The CRAFTD Crown Ring

Your jewelry can serve as a personal reminder to you. Each time you put it on to start your day or finish your look, you can remember the beliefs that drive you.

One piece that exemplifies this idea is our CRAFTD Crown ring. It features our CRAFTD logo embedded throughout the band, and the iconic crown design is the perfect reminder that you rule your life. Chin up –– you're calling the shots on your path to success.

5. The CRAFTD Rope Ring

Every jewelry connoisseur needs a few rings they can rely on. When you need a ring that will add texture to your look and pair well with most other jewelry, our CRAFTD Rope ring is an excellent choice.

Its twisting design adds visual interest to your high-quality gold or silver selection. Wear it with your typical tee shirt and sneakers, or pair it with other pieces to add personality to a suit and tie.

6. The CRAFTD St. Christopher Ring

Let's talk about the story of your life. Whatever your path may have been, it's led you to this place where you are right now on a journey no one knows as well as you. Our St. Christopher ring serves as a reminder that the journey you travel is yours to relish, and there's always someone who's got your back along the way.

7. The CRAFTD Signet Ring

Historically, signet rings have represented status and class. Wearing one of these meant you held a position of influence, and others esteemed your energy. Our CRAFTD Signet ring is one you can wear to raise your self-confidence and reflect your value. You owe it to yourself to level up your style to be your best self.

8. The CRAFTD Vitruvian Man Ring

Da Vinci knew better than anyone that humankind is a cosmos in itself. Our Vitruvian Man ring takes inspiration from his design work, and it's a piece of jewelry you can wear to represent your diversity. Its stunning craftsmanship also means you can enjoy this piece for years. You can wear it to add a fresh personality to your usual drip.

How To Style Men's Rings

As you venture into wearing new kinds of jewelry, you might want a quick refresher on styling tips for men's rings.

Ultimately, you control the vibe for how you come across, but here are a few tips to support your style:

Consider Finger Placement

It might sound obvious, but when you wear multiple rings, you'll probably want to give some thought to where you place them. Doing this can help your rings look more coordinated, blending in with the rest of your clothing.

The finger you place your rings on can also hold symbolism. Wearing rings on one finger might indicate romantic involvement, while another represents dignity and status. You might not want to choose your ring fingers randomly. However, there is something to be said about following your heart and choosing the ring and placement that just seems right.

Pair Your Rings with Other Iconic Jewelry

Statement rings and simple bands have something in common; they both pair well with other kinds of jewelry. For example, wearing classic chains and a pendant necklace can go well with a straightforward band ring and a statement ring.

When you get new jewelry in, try it out with other timeless pieces. You might discover a new combination to get stoked about.

How To Wear Multiple Rings

Don't be shy. Even if you're getting into rings for the first time, that doesn't necessarily mean you have to take things slow. In fact, it might look more natural if you don't.

There's nothing wrong with wearing two or three coordinated rings at once. So go ahead and pair up a few of your favorite CRAFTD rings to add character to your jewelry.

Switch Things Up

Boredom is a powerful catalyst for creativity. Don't let yourself get tired of the same jewelry ensemble every time. Instead, try getting creative with new pieces from your rotation. Let yourself mix and match until you find a new look that is invigorating. Fashion can be life-changing.

Why CRAFTD Offers Superior Value

Once you find your ring size, you may feel ready to buy a few new rings for your collection. While you do, remember that shopping online for jewelry can be unpredictable, and finding high-quality pieces is essential.

At CRAFTD, our premium stainless steel and 18-karat plated gold jewelry is crafted to last. You can trust our jewelry to stick with you through a lifetime.

It's Time to Own Rings that Fit Your Vibe

At the end of the day, shopping online for jewelry shouldn't be a headache. You deserve jewelry that looks incredible and fits well, too. When you're looking for rings, bracelets, chains, and earrings with superior craftsmanship and design, our CRAFTD selections are a perfect fit.


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