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Article: The Most Accurate Way on How To Measure Bracelet Size

The Most Accurate Way on How To Measure Bracelet Size

The Most Accurate Way on How To Measure Bracelet Size

You might have an old bracelet in your jewelry collection from high school or an old romantic partner. Maybe the last time you tried it on, you realized it didn't fit the same way it used to. When you're looking for new bracelets to add to your jewelry collection, how can you be sure the one you select will fit you?

There's an easy way to measure your wrist for an accurate bracelet size. We'll explain how to get the perfect measurement and show you our favorite bracelet styles you can add to your jewelry stash.

Why Measure Bracelet Size?

When you're shopping in a store, it might be easier to have an associate help you try on jewelry to ensure it fits well and looks natural. However, when you want to select great jewelry pieces online, you don't have the option of trying pieces on. Measuring your wrist can help ensure that you pick the bracelet option that looks the best on your arm.

Tips For Getting Your Size Correct

Some retailers differ in their sizing charts and measurement techniques. To get the best size bracelet for your wrist, there are a couple of tips you may want to keep in mind.

Get the Right Measurement Unit

How do you know if your wrist size is small, medium, or large? Measuring your wrist is a start, but you'll still want to be careful when doing so. Since different retailers may use subjective sizing, it's best to check the jewelry you're looking at to find out which measurement unit to go with.

For example, at CRAFTD, we use centimeters. When measuring your wrist size, getting the correct number in centimeters will allow you to choose a bracelet that fits you best.

Don't Eyeball It

You might be tempted to use less than precise techniques when determining your wrist size. Even if you have another bracelet that's one size, it's a good idea to get a solid measurement.

Instead of eyeballing it, here's what we advise doing:

  1. Grab a piece of string and wrap it around your wrist.
  2. Note where the string crosses itself and mark it with an inky marker.
  3. Measure the string against a ruler from its tip to the spot where you marked it.
  4. Write down the string's measurement in centimeters. That's your bracelet size.

CRAFTD Bracelets To Complement Your Fit

Some people don't think about the ways they can upgrade their jewelry. But you owe it to yourself to keep an eye out for new ways to step up your appearance and stay on your A-game.

If you've been thinking about adding a few bracelets to your collection, you're in the right place. Let us show you a few of our favorite CRAFTD bracelets that can take your fits from good to great.

Cuban Bracelet

Cuban jewelry is essential for any person's wardrobe. Whether you're styling your favorite sweater with a bulky Cuban chain or adding a classic Cuban chain bracelet to your wrist, this style is a go-to for a reason.

To step up your bracelet collection, consider adding a CRAFTD Cuban bracelet. It's a timeless choice that works with anything.

Rope Bracelet

Some people prefer to dress with simplicity. If you're someone who enjoys adding jewelry with texture and character to your look, this piece is for you.

Our CRAFTD Rope bracelet features twisting metal strands that can make your clothing and other jewelry even more visually attractive. Wear it in your choice of high-quality gold or silver, and enjoy styling it with your other favorite pieces.

Tennis Bracelet

Never underestimate what adding ice to your fit can do for you. If you're someone who takes pride in representing yourself with killer pieces of jewelry, why stop at the basics? Consider adding our CRAFTD Tennis bracelet to your collection for a piece of jewelry that stands out. Wear one with your favorite statement rings for an even more pronounced look.

Wheat Bracelet

Nature-inspired jewelry is powerful for a couple of different reasons. Our CRAFTD Wheat bracelet not only looks brilliant when paired with other jewelry, but it also draws visual inspiration from the earth's natural elements –– a stalk of wheat in this case. Adding this piece to your collection is a solid choice.

Cuff Bracelet

Here's a piece of jewelry you can wear with your typical street style. Our CRAFTD Cuff bracelet is easy to wear and style with other necklaces, earrings, and rings. Choose your favorite color metal to make this piece of jewelry even more personal and self-reflective.

Snake Bracelet

Keeping your look sleek is always a terrific choice. When you want to wear bracelets with your chains, pendants, and other jewelry, opting for a snake chain is a choice you won't regret.

Wear our CRAFTD Snake bracelet alone or pair it with another for a combination that looks cool and collected. You'll love how this piece moves fluidly with you in gold or silver.

Toggle Bracelet

Want to go bold? Sometimes, wearing simple jewelry is the move. Other times, you might prefer to catch the attention of others more directly.

When you want to craft a bold appearance, consider adding our CRAFTD Toggle bracelet to your wardrobe repertoire. You don't have to try too hard to make it look good; the heavy, smooth links will do all the work for you.

Styling Tips for Men's Bracelets

Perhaps you're in the middle of a personal style renaissance. If you're tired of playing it safe with your style, you can spice things up by adding pieces you don't typically wear or updating the ones you do.

If you're adding bracelets to your usual jewelry ensemble for the first time, you might be curious about how to make this piece look good. Let's talk about a few tips that can help you achieve success as you style bracelets with your casual streetwear, office attire, or around-the-house sweats.

Mix Metals If You Like

People have differing opinions about this topic, but mixing metals is a choice you're free to make. If you don't want to stick to just one color metal, you can combine gold and silver to add contrast and personality to your drip.

You can experiment with this tip in a couple of ways. First, you can try wearing two bracelets in opposite metal colors. Another option is to coordinate your bracelet with your ring choices by wearing a bracelet in the same color as just one of several rings. The sky's the limit.

Pay Attention to the Big Picture

When you're coordinating your jewelry, one mistake to make is being so detail-oriented that you forget about the big picture. When styling your bracelet with the rest of your jewelry, consider the whole fit. What vibe are you going for? Try to ensure the pieces you're choosing contribute value to your total appearance.

Here are a few ideas to maximize your jewelry coordination:

  • Layer your jewelry. If you typically play it safe, try wearing multiple chains together to see how it looks. Experiment with long and short styles as well as eye-catching pendants.
  • Choose chains that complement your bracelets. For instance, if you're going for a minimalistic snake bracelet, consider pairing that with a subtle Connell chain around your neck.
  • Rings and bracelets make a terrific pair. If you feel that wearing a singular bracelet looks odd, try coordinating it with CRAFTD statement rings. Wearing rings can help you vary your look and make an impression from the first handshake.

Wear Quality Pieces

Incorporating jewelry into your look can also help step up your style game. However, it's crucial to choose jewelry made from high-quality materials for several reasons.

Let us explain:

  1. Quality jewelry lasts longer. Would you want a chain or bracelet that looks good for one week and then starts to rust? What if you could have jewelry that didn't go bad after a week of wear? Consider trying out CRAFTD pieces you can enjoy for years without worrying.
  2. Quality jewelry looks better. You'll find that imitation pieces aren't worth it in the end. As they begin to tarnish, rust, crack or become dull, you'll see what these pieces are truly worth. If you want your jewelry to look high-caliber, you've got to choose craftsmanship that's a level above the rest.
  3. Quality jewelry isn't fragile. When you buy cheap, inferior jewelry, you may find yourself treating it carefully to try to extend its life. For example, you might take your favorite new chains off when you're about to take a dip in the pool or slip off your bracelets before an adventurous hike.

    Choosing quality jewelry means your pieces are safe. Excellent materials can withstand more than weak bracelets, chains, rings, and other jewelry.

You Can Trust Your CRAFTD Jewelry

After you find the correct bracelet size for your wrist, you can start adding high-quality CRAFTD bracelets to your jewelry collection. Wear them with your favorite hoodies and trousers, or you can pair them with your office attire –– they'll look stunning either way.

One more thing. When you wear CRAFTD jewelry, you can trust that your pieces will withstand whatever comes your way. Whether you throw a bracelet around your wrist before a romantic evening inside or an afternoon gym session, they'll keep their quality and help you look simultaneously.


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