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Article: What Is a Tennis Bracelet?

What Is a Tennis Bracelet?

What Is a Tennis Bracelet?

Have you heard of a tennis bracelet before? Maybe you were shopping online for jewelry and noticed an accessory with this title, or perhaps you heard someone mention their tennis bracelet in conversation. If you're like most, you might wonder what this bracelet has to do with tennis and why people love them so much.

Let's dig into the history of this iconic piece of jewelry. We'll talk about how it got its name and how to wear this icy accessory with your typical outfits. Then, we'll show you a few pieces of CRAFTD jewelry that are on the come-up.

What Kind of Jewelry Is a Tennis Bracelet?

Believe it or not, "tennis bracelet" wasn't the original name for this piece of jewelry. Before it got this iconic nickname, this piece was known as a diamond line bracelet. Before it got its sporty nickname, it had a reputation for belonging mainly to high-class individuals.

Since the incident when this diamond line bracelet got its new name, this piece of jewelry has transcended its former prestige to become a coveted (but still elevated) item for daily wear.

How Did this Accessory Get its Name?

Before the 1970s, people wore diamond line bracelets periodically. This kind of bracelet was known for its elegance and prestige.

One person who often enjoyed wearing a luxurious diamond line bracelet was U.S. Tennis player Chris Evert. In the 1978 U.S. Tennis Open, Chris Evert encountered an unfortunate moment when her diamond line bracelet broke and fell from her wrist in the middle of a match. She asked for the match to pause so that she could search for her "tennis bracelet."

This accessory may have already been on the rise, but it got a new name after this incident. Today, we know this icy piece of jewelry as the tennis bracelet.

What Is a Tennis Necklace?

A tennis bracelet is a bracelet that clasps closed and has diamonds or jewels along its entire length. However, this famous silhouette isn’t limited only to a bracelet.

Let’s discuss the tennis chain necklace.

Like the bracelet, tennis necklaces are necklaces that feature ice dripping on the necklace chain from clasp to clasp. These pieces add flash to any look, and they're a well-known staple of hip-hop fashion.

Tennis Bracelets in Hip Hop

Perhaps the idea of an elegant diamond bracelet doesn't appeal to you. It might help you to know that as the tennis bracelet was on the rise, so was hip-hop and iced jewelry.

Throughout hip-hop history, jewelry has had a major impact. Gold chains, silver grills, and iced pendants have been a hallmark of this music scene from its beginnings. However, wearing bling wasn't a short-lived trend. Today, more men wear jewelry, iced or not, and they look mint while doing it.

How Do You Wear a Tennis Bracelet?

Are you starting to imagine yourself wearing tennis bracelets and iced jewelry? If you've never tried it before, you might be wondering where to begin.

Here are a few ideas for ways to incorporate these pieces into your wardrobe.

  1. Add a Few Rings. If you've decided to purchase a CRAFTD tennis bracelet, consider wearing it with a few rings. Wearing a statement ring or two can ensure your look is consistent throughout.
  2. Layer Pendants. If you're wearing a tennis necklace, you may want to add chains and a pendant to the mix. Layering multiple necklaces can make for a jaw-dropping look. Experiment with different combinations until you get it right.
  3. Be Intentional. Piling on the jewelry isn't always the best way to go. Though you might see rappers and other celebrities wearing excessive layers and rings on every finger, you can be more precise with your coordination. Try thinking about the placement of your rings, bracelets, and other jewelry so that you make the best impression.

Ten More Must-Have Pieces Of CRAFTD Jewelry

Once you add a tennis bracelet to your collection, you'll wonder why you waited so long. When you're wondering what pieces to add to your collection next, you don't have to take a wild guess. Our trending page can help you keep up with the jewelry other people love. Keep reading if you want to get in on new jewelry movements and enjoy high-quality pieces.

1. The CRAFTD Crucifix Pendant

The Crucifix is another symbol that has been a part of hip-hop jewelry for ages. Whether you're religious or not, wearing this piece of jewelry makes a bad-ass statement. You can choose our CRAFTD Crucifix pendant in your preference of silver or gold and enjoy the way it complements your favorite staple chains.

2. The CRAFTD Connell Chain

Perhaps you're not the type of person to wear eye-catching jewelry on a regular basis, and that's okay. If you prefer simplicity, we've got jewelry for you, too. Our CRAFTD Connell chain is perfect for the strong, silent type or anyone who desires to keep their look on the minimalistic side.

The Connell chain is the ideal chain for subtle daily wear, making it an essential piece for your collection.

3. The CRAFTD Cuban Chain

Are you looking for chains that have more personality? Maybe you're someone who doesn't go for adventurous jewelry often, but you want to try something that catches people's attention in a good way.

If that's you, the CRAFTD Cuban chain is a piece to try ASAP. This iconic design looks terrific in slim and weighty styles, making it one you'll reach for repeatedly.

4. The CRAFTD Rope Bracelet

Having excellent style is all about the details, and wearing bracelets can help transform your look. When you want pieces of jewelry that make your appearance visually attractive without adding too much, the CRAFTD Rope bracelet is a piece to consider. Pair it with other bracelets, or wear it solo for a subdued look.

5. The CRAFTD Compass Pendant

Your jewelry can be a reminder that boosts your self-confidence. Our CRAFTD Compass pendant can serve as your reminder that your journey is like no one else's. Wear it alone or pair it with chains to complement its design and level up your look.

6. The CRAFTD Africa Pendant

Some say Africa is the birthplace of humanity. For many, this continent represents generations of ancestors and sentimental origin stories. If you have a fond association with this country, our CRAFTD Africa pendant is ideal for your style. You can stay true to your roots and your inspiration with the jewelry you wear.

7. The CRAFTD Band 2.0

How's your ring game? Although this accessory is small, you shouldn't overlook it. Adding classic, slim bands and statement rings can help you step up your jewelry game.

Our CRAFTD Band 2.0 ring is one piece to keep in your rotation. Its slim design makes it an excellent accent for your other jewelry. For example, it would let the tennis bracelet take center stage while shining in its own subtle manner.

8. The CRAFTD Figaro Chain

Getting into wearing chains can be exciting. It's incredible that this slim detail can make such an impact on your overall essence.

If you're looking for chains that can add texture to your look, our CRAFTD Figaro chain is an excellent fit for you. Its design features varying links interlocking to make a pattern. Wear it with multiple chains of various sizes to create a post-worthy look.

9. The CRAFTD Cuban Bracelet

If you're already a fan of the Cuban chain, it's time to meet the Cuban bracelet. This accessory includes the same dependable Cuban link design in a slimmer size. It's an excellent pair for slim bracelets and rings.

10. The CRAFTD Wheat Chain

Sometimes, it's necessary to switch things up. If you always wear the same chains with your clothing, you can try adding fresh pieces to step up your jewelry.

Our Wheat chain is an A+ piece to pair with your wardrobe. Its design takes inspiration from stalks of wheat with its interlocking links, and it looks incredible when layered with pendant necklaces.

Why the Tennis Bracelet and Necklace Make a Great Team

By nature, tennis bracelets bring a little bit more energy to your look. Wearing your ice can kick the volume up several notches.

When you want your fit to look well-thought-out, wearing a coordinated Tennis set could be your solution. It’s easy to pair matching metals with a tennis bracelet and tennis chain or mix your metals for a bold look.

Other Sets To Invest In

Whether you're treating yourself to new jewelry or purchasing pieces for a friend, sometimes it's a good idea to invest in multiple pieces at once. Browsing our gift sets can allow you to pair necklaces with classic chains or chains with coordinating bracelets. Plus, you can save a few bucks by purchasing two pieces together.

Why You Can Trust CRAFTD Quality

Shopping for jewelry online can be tricky. When you think you've found an incredible deal, you realize all too soon that you got ripped off with cheap costume jewelry that chips and rusts.

At CRAFTD, we're serious about offering you legit quality. We make our jewelry with 18-karat plated gold and premium 316L stainless steel. Your pieces will keep their quality, and you can enjoy them for years.

Indulge In New Ice

Now you know that this diamond line bracelet has little to do with sports. The tennis bracelet is one luxury many people have fallen in love with over the decades, and it's easy to see why. When you want to add a bolder vibe to your appearance, our CRAFTD ICED pieces can make that happen.


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