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Article: The Number One Men's Jewellery Gift for Fathers-to-Be

Man's hands wrapped around a babies foot. He's wearing a gold signet ring and band ring. The Number One Men's Jewelry Gift for Fathers-to-Be.

The Number One Men's Jewellery Gift for Fathers-to-Be

As Father's Day approaches, the pressure to find the perfect gift for dad can feel overwhelming. So, if you're still searching for that essential Father's Day gift, don't worry – your search ends here. 

At CRAFTD, we understand the importance of unforgettable gifts. That's why we've created the timeless Jewellery Starter Set—a game-changer in men’s gifting. The Starter Set comprises of 3 everyday jewellery essentials that effortlessly introduce dads to a world of timeless style.

Man's hands styling silver jewellery including simple signet rings and sleek cut bracelets

Why Jewellery makes a perfect Father's Day Gift

"Gone are the days of socks and slippers," declares Alex Cannon, co-founder of CRAFTD. "As a father of three, expressing your personality and maintaining your identity is so important." Whether he's a new dad, a father-to-be, or a guy who's never worn jewellery in his life, this gift is tailored to cater to men of all ages and budgets, ensuring a meaningful and memorable Father's Day experience.

Father's hands wrapped around his new born babies feet. His fingers are adorned with gold signet rings

Every man's wardrobe should have timeless and simple jewellery pieces. Just like a favourite t-shirt feels comfy and familiar, understated box chains and minimalist signet rings are the backbone of classic jewellery style. They're foolproof and instantly elevate any outfit. In fact, they're the only pieces he'll ever need for a clean, confident daily look. And yet, they're often overlooked as gifts, making them a perfect low-cost choice, guaranteed to make a lasting impact.

Meet dad's brand new jewellery starter bundle:

Finally, a gift that says “I’m your favourite child”.

The bundle includes a Connell Chain, Connell Bracelet, and a Wheat Chain—essential pieces that can be effortlessly paired with any outfit for any occasion. Curated based on years of real customer feedback, these selections meet the needs of dad’s of any age or taste. Whether he wears them individually or as a coordinated set, there's no wrong way to style them. 

Tap or Click to explore the men's jewellery starter set in gold and silver

Crafted from premium materials like 316L Stainless Steel, 18K Gold and Silver (the same steel used to make Rolex watches), these pieces are built to handle whatever life throws at them, offering resistance to water, scratches, fading, you name it. Plus, they come with a lifetime warranty for added peace of mind—a gift from CRAFTD London literally means a gift for life. 

Individual Price: £104.99
Starter Set Price: £83.99 (Our biggest ever bundle saving)

Let's have a look at them in a little more detail...

The Connell Chain and Bracelet:

A classic men's chain is the cornerstone of every man's wardrobe: No wrong choices–only opportunities to refine his everyday look. So, first and foremost, we have our matching 2mm Connell Chain and 2mm Connell Bracelet. These pieces offer a more subtle take on the Box Chain we mentioned earlier. And, a matching set is a small, powerful change that will expand his styling options and create a stronger, put-together look.

Man wearing a plain black t-shirt and styling a sleek silver Connell chain and bracelet set

The Wheat Chain: 

Designed to be worn together, this set also includes a slightly thicker, yet still minimalist 3mm Wheat Chain for those occasions when he wants to elevate his style or dress up a bit. These pieces complement each other perfectly, and when purchased as a set, you'll even enjoy over 20% off the individual prices, along with fast, free shipping.

Man wearing a basic black t-shirt and styling a single silver wheat chain

Bonus Pick: Men's Rings 

You're all set! But when you're ready to further enhance his collection, or if you simply can't get enough of that smile on his face, here's the next step to consider. No cohesive look is complete without a men’s ring in gold or silver. We recommend a band ring, or for a more timeless look, a men’s signet ring. Here's our number one pick:

Oval Stone Singet Ring:

CRAFTD for any occasion. This Oval Stone Signet Ring showcases a solid Oval Onyx, hand-set within a premium Cabochon inlay: an expert technique known for unlocking the gemstone's richest and deepest natural colour. Its classic design, paired with an ultra-durable, scratch-resistant band, makes it a lasting and versatile addition to any collection—the perfect choice for morning, noon, and night.

Man's hand styling a classic oval stone onyx signet ring in silver


Buying gifts for dads shouldn't be difficult. Remember, the most memorable gifts are always the ones that leave a lasting impression. So why not surprise him with something unexpected, that’s guaranteed to last forever. 

This Father's Day, step away from the ordinary and give dad what he truly desires—explore our Dad's Starter Jewelry Set and discover other Minimalist Jewellery styles at

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