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Article: The Top 3 Jewellery Gifts For Father's Day

Man wearing minimalist gold jewellery gifts for men including simple bangles and rings

The Top 3 Jewellery Gifts For Father's Day

Father's Day is almost here, and if you're struggling to find the right gift for Dad, you're not alone. After all, what can you get for the man who seemingly has everything? We understand the dilemma, but fear not, because you've landed in the perfect place.

Enter timeless everyday jewellery—the gift that lasts forever. Below, we've carefully selected some of our most popular pieces, perfect for dads of any age. These classics are simple, affordable, and sure to leave a lasting impression. Plus, they come with our Lifetime Warranty for extra peace of mind. Before we reveal our top 3 picks, let's address a couple of questions you're probably eager to ask: 

Father's hands wrapped around a new born babies feet. His hands have gold signet rings and gold band rings on

What if my dad hasn't worn Jewellery before? 

Even better. Often, the hesitation to wear men's jewellery stems from uncertainty about whether it suits them, or feeling overwhelmed by the large amount of options out there. But in reality, it doesn't have to be complicated. Starting with the basics is key, and soon enough, wearing them will feel like second nature to him.

Would my dad actually wear a Ring, Bracelet or Chain? 

Of course —the classics should be a staple in every man's wardrobe. These understated styles are perfect for any time or occasion, making them the ideal gift for men of any age, taste, or style. These are the pieces a man can wear day in and day out, effortlessly dressing up or down without any fuss. They provide a sense of confidence while remaining understated, never veering into overly flashy territory.

Men's simple and minimalist jewellery including silver signet rings and cuff bracelets

Top 3 Men's Jewellery Gifts for Father's Day: 

Let’s delve into the timeless, simple, and minimalist jewellery pieces that every man should own. Below, you'll discover understated box chains and clean, pared-back signet rings—pieces that any man would appreciate, regardless of whether he regularly wears jewellery or not. To keep things simple, we’ll stick to the top 3 choices:

Men's Box Chains: 

Box chains are highly sought-after for their strength, durability, and simplicity. Their design, with interlinking wires and box-shaped links, makes them exceptionally sturdy and less prone to breakage, making them an ideal choice for dads with even the most active lifestyle. Available in both gold and silver, here's the one you want.

2mm Round Box Chain (Silver) 

Man wearing a plain black t-shirt layering a silver box chain

Crafted with precision and purpose, your 2mm Round Box Chain equips you with the essentials you need to make a lasting impression. Never underestimate the power of minimalist jewellery, it often yields the greatest rewards.

Men's Signet Rings:

The signet ring has a rich history as one of the cleanest, most classic, and powerful pieces of jewellery a man can possess. These rings feature a simple, traditional design with a flat face and a seal that can be circular, oval, or square in shape. Typically crafted from gold or silver, they may either be plain or adorned with a gemstone. For starters, let's begin with a more classic type of signet ring.

Squared Stone Signet Ring (Silver)

Up close look at a man's hand and the silver signet ring he is wearing on his third finger. The Signet ring is square in shape and has an onyx stone at it's center

This Silver Signet Ring showcases a solid square face with a premium Onyx Stone inlay. Its classic design, paired with an ultra-durable, scratch-resistant band, makes it a lasting and versatile addition to any collection—the perfect choice for men of all ages.

Men's Cuban Link Chains:

The Cuban Link Chain is an iconic piece of men’s jewellery. A single Cuban Chain provides a sleek and consistent look from day to night—a timeless choice that you can effortlessly wear without overthinking. What's great about wearing a Cuban Chain on its own is that you have the freedom to choose any style, width, length, or metal without worrying about making a mistake. So which is the right one for dad?

Sterling Silver Cuban Link Chain (4mm)

Man wearing a plain black t-shirt and layering a classic sterling silver cuban link chain

This understated 4mm Cuban Link Chain is handmade using traditional techniques and CRAFTD from solid 925 sterling silver, ensuring sharper, cleaner-cut Cuban Links and a high-polish finish. Designed for the man who has everything, it adds an extra layer of class and sophistication to any fit - a timeless gift for decades to come. Each piece in the 925 Sterling Silver Collection also comes with a gift box and a lifetime warranty as standard.


Never underestimate the impact of minimalist jewellery choices; they often bring the greatest rewards. So this Father's Day, instead of the typical 'World's Best Dad' mug, give Dad what he actually wants—timeless everyday jewellery that’s built to last for a lifetime.

You can discover all our men's jewellery styles at Or for more men's gifting ideas tap to explore the following gift guides and articles below:

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