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Silver Jewellery

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Connell Chain (Silver) 2mmConnell Chain (Silver) 2mm
Connell Chain (Silver) 2mm Sale priceFrom CHF 45.00
Save 13%
Make Your Own Set (Silver)Make Your Own Set (Silver)
Make Your Own Set (Silver) Sale priceFrom CHF 99.00 Regular priceCHF 114.00
Compass Pendant (Silver)Compass Pendant (Silver)
Compass Pendant (Silver) Sale priceCHF 70.00
Cuban (Silver) 4mmCuban (Silver) 4mm
Cuban (Silver) 4mm Sale priceFrom CHF 70.00
Cuban (Silver) 8mmCuban (Silver) 8mm
Cuban (Silver) 8mm Sale priceCHF 80.00
Save 13%
Compass Set (Silver)Compass Set (Silver)
Compass Set (Silver) Sale priceCHF 99.00 Regular priceCHF 114.00
Cuban (Silver) 12mmCuban (Silver) 12mm
Cuban (Silver) 12mm Sale priceCHF 94.00
Classic Cuff 3mm (Silver)Classic Cuff 3mm (Silver)
Classic Cuff 3mm (Silver) Sale priceCHF 30.00
Classic Cuff 5mm (Silver)Classic Cuff 5mm (Silver)
Classic Cuff 5mm (Silver) Sale priceCHF 35.00
Sold Out
Totem Pendant (Silver)Totem Pendant (Silver)
Totem Pendant (Silver) Sale priceCHF 60.00
Round Band Ring (Silver) 5mmRound Band Ring (Silver) 5mm
Round Band Ring (Silver) 5mm Sale priceCHF 35.00
Band 2.0 Ring (Silver)Band 2.0 Ring (Silver)
Band 2.0 Ring (Silver) Sale priceCHF 43.00
North Star (Silver)North Star (Silver)
North Star (Silver) Sale priceCHF 70.00
Wing (Silver)Wing (Silver)
Wing (Silver) Sale priceCHF 70.00
Sold Out
Cuban Bracelet (Silver) 8mmCuban Bracelet (Silver) 8mm
Cuban Bracelet (Silver) 8mm Sale priceCHF 60.00
Wheat (Silver) 3mmWheat (Silver) 3mm
Wheat (Silver) 3mm Sale priceFrom CHF 45.00
Rope (Silver) 3mmRope (Silver) 3mm
Rope (Silver) 3mm Sale priceFrom CHF 45.00
Save 14% Sold Out
Cuban 8mm Set (Silver)Cuban 8mm Set (Silver)
Cuban 8mm Set (Silver) Sale priceCHF 119.00 Regular priceCHF 139.00
Crucifix (Silver)Crucifix (Silver)
Crucifix (Silver) Sale priceCHF 70.00
Arrow (Silver)Arrow (Silver)
Arrow (Silver) Sale priceCHF 70.00
Rope Bracelet (Silver) 5mmRope Bracelet (Silver) 5mm
Rope Bracelet (Silver) 5mm Sale priceCHF 30.00
Figaro (Silver) 3mmFigaro (Silver) 3mm
Figaro (Silver) 3mm Sale priceFrom CHF 45.00
CRAFTD Band Ring (Silver)CRAFTD Band Ring (Silver)
CRAFTD Band Ring (Silver) Sale priceCHF 45.00
Rope (Silver) 5mmRope (Silver) 5mm
Rope (Silver) 5mm Sale priceFrom CHF 50.00
St. Christopher (Silver)St. Christopher (Silver)
St. Christopher (Silver) Sale priceCHF 65.00
Wheat (Silver) 5mmWheat (Silver) 5mm
Wheat (Silver) 5mm Sale priceFrom CHF 50.00
Sold Out
Cuban Bracelet (Silver) 4mmCuban Bracelet (Silver) 4mm
Cuban Bracelet (Silver) 4mm Sale priceCHF 40.00
Save 13%
Wing Set (Silver)Wing Set (Silver)
Wing Set (Silver) Sale priceCHF 99.00 Regular priceCHF 114.00
Cupid's Revenge (Silver)Cupid's Revenge (Silver)
Cupid's Revenge (Silver) Sale priceCHF 70.00
Vitruvian (Silver)Vitruvian (Silver)
Vitruvian (Silver) Sale priceCHF 70.00
Save 13%
Rope Set (Silver)Rope Set (Silver)
Rope Set (Silver) Sale priceCHF 70.00 Regular priceCHF 80.00
Wheat Bracelet (Silver) 5mmWheat Bracelet (Silver) 5mm
Wheat Bracelet (Silver) 5mm Sale priceCHF 30.00
Tennis Bracelet (Silver) 5mmTennis Bracelet (Silver) 5mm
Tennis Bracelet (Silver) 5mm Sale priceCHF 70.00
St. Christopher Ring (Silver)St. Christopher Ring (Silver)
St. Christopher Ring (Silver) Sale priceCHF 50.00
Rose (Silver)Rose (Silver)
Rose (Silver) Sale priceCHF 70.00
Figaro (Silver) 5mmFigaro (Silver) 5mm
Figaro (Silver) 5mm Sale priceFrom CHF 50.00
Figaro Bracelet (Silver) 5mmFigaro Bracelet (Silver) 5mm
Figaro Bracelet (Silver) 5mm Sale priceCHF 30.00
CRAFTD Signature Pendant (Silver)CRAFTD Signature Pendant (Silver)
Lion (Silver)Lion (Silver)
Lion (Silver) Sale priceCHF 55.00
Jesus Piece (Silver)Jesus Piece (Silver)
Jesus Piece (Silver) Sale priceCHF 65.00
St. Jude (Silver)St. Jude (Silver)
St. Jude (Silver) Sale priceCHF 65.00
Ankh (Silver)Ankh (Silver)
Ankh (Silver) Sale priceCHF 55.00
Toggle Milan Bracelet (Silver)Toggle Milan Bracelet (Silver)
Toggle Milan Bracelet (Silver) Sale priceCHF 45.00
Angel (Silver)Angel (Silver)
Angel (Silver) Sale priceCHF 70.00
Rope Ring (Silver)Rope Ring (Silver)
Rope Ring (Silver) Sale priceCHF 45.00
Toggle Chain (Silver)Toggle Chain (Silver)
Toggle Chain (Silver) Sale priceCHF 65.00
Inception Ring (Silver)Inception Ring (Silver)
Inception Ring (Silver) Sale priceCHF 45.00
Happiness (Silver)Happiness (Silver)
Happiness (Silver) Sale priceCHF 70.00
Crown Ring (Silver)Crown Ring (Silver)
Crown Ring (Silver) Sale priceCHF 50.00
St. Michael (Silver)St. Michael (Silver)
St. Michael (Silver) Sale priceCHF 70.00
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