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Article: Hydra

Men's Summer Jewellery Collection Lookbook


As we finalised the details of our summer '24 collection, it became clear that we had more than just one release on our hands. We knew this year's lineup was strong, but the depth and detail of these pieces demanded more than a single campaign. They deserved their own spotlight, their own narrative. Enter Hydra: the first of three summer drops.

This first instalment focuses on eye-catching accents that complement a relaxed summer aesthetic. It allowed us to showcase the versatility of our jewellery alongside a timeless summer wardrobe, building on the hype from our sold-out debut caps drop. With a growing appetite for more CRAFTD clothing, Hydra highlights how gold and silver jewellery can be styled alongside different linens, bermudas, cuban collars, denims, and more—the kinds of fits we've been inspired by and the styles you might just see on the horizon.

This drop introduces four exclusive new pendants and fresh filigree pearls, each inspired by legendary Greek gods and goddesses. So naturally, the iconic white-washed buildings and crystal-clear harbours of Hydra, Greece became our backdrop.

These shoots always attract the curiosity of the locals, and this time was no different. We had the pleasure of styling some of our favourite pieces and upcoming caps on local characters, each with their own wisdom and stories to share. Truth be told, that’s one of the best parts of these campaigns—you never know who you’re going to meet. Keep your eye out for them later in the lookbook. 

This 18K Gold Oval pendant is engraved with the detailed profile of the legendary Greek warrior Achilles. The engraving features his iconic helmet, adorned with a crest and laurel wreath—symbols of victory and honour. Hanging alongside the golden medallion is his finely detailed sword with an ornate hilt. Both pieces are suspended from a decorative, filigree-inspired bail and a classic 4mm link chain.

At the heart of this medallion, a mysterious figure stands surrounded by the grace of two women, representing love, lust, and desire. To the side, Eros, the god of love, adds a playful and mischievous touch. This golden pendant channels his playful energy, bestowing upon its wearer the gift of love, confidence, and romance wherever they go.

At the centrepiece of this 18K Gold pendant is an oval medallion, expertly engraved with the detailed figure of Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. The engraving captures Nike in a dynamic pose, holding a laurel wreath, a powerful symbol of triumph and glory, ready to crown the victor who wears this piece—carry her strength with you always, and let her remind you of the capabilities within you and inspire the victories yet to come.

Hand-strung with the finest freshwater pearls, this necklace showcases each in an intricate 18K Gold filigree cap. Signature golden clovers, each adorned with 32 individually set AAA grade cubic zirconia stones, perfectly balance the design—offering the highest quality stones at the most accessible level. Finished with an adjustable lobster clasp and unique coupled links, this exclusive pearl necklace offers a perfect neckline fit.
This 18K gold pendant features an intricately engraved round medallion of Nyx, the Greek goddess of night. Overlaying the sun medallion is a finely crafted hand, symbolising her dominion over the shadows. Both pieces are securely suspended by interlocking oval bails for durability and a seamless fit. Carry the goddess of the night with you always —let her remind you to embrace the shadows, find strength in your struggles, and face life's challenges with confidence.

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