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Article: Summer '24

Mens Summer Jewellery Collection and Lookbook

Summer '24

For this campaign, we needed a location that captured the very best summer has to offer—like somewhere out of a movie. A place where the days are long and unhurried, and warmth replaces routine. You know the feeling—it could be those rays through the curtain on a slow Sunday morning, or that first balcony beer at golden hour. It's a time when troubles can’t touch you, and everything feels simple. Moments like those are good for the soul. 

It's when we're at our best...

Drawing inspiration from our most iconic pieces, Amoré Sempre presents 24 one-of-a-kind essentials for your summer wardrobe—the timeless styles you need, each with their own exclusive twist. The new collection combines expert artisan techniques, premium red, white, and blue enamels, and intricate detailing unlike anything you've seen. Think versatile signet rings, vibrant enamel pendants, and statement bracelets—pieces that will carry you from dusk, right the way through till dawn. And, everything you need for an unforgettable summer. 
This collection is something special.

This silver pendant necklace combines two powerful icons. A finely detailed crucifix sits against two silver medallions, each adorned with intricate hand-engraved depictions of the Virgin Mary. This symbolic partnership represents the blessings Mary bestows upon those who seek them, and the strength Jesus provides to those in need.

This timeless 18K gold bracelet features a strand of perfectly round, polished spheres. Built for everyday wear, each golden sphere is hand-strung on a hidden stainless steel core, ensuring both durability and a clean, minimalist aesthetic. It's finished with a reinforced angular lobster clasp for secure wear, and is protected with advanced scratch and fade-resistant coating.
The Cobra wraps around the wrist with an undeniable presence and versatility. It showcases a classic curb chain design with interlocking links that provide a smooth and flexible fit. Its core is connected by two intricately designed barrels, each adorned with detailed clover engravings.
This statement signet ring boasts a textured guilloché-inspired pattern, complemented by an extra-wide, polished shank. Its face is adorned with a raised milgrain border featuring small, evenly spaced beaded accents. Look a little closer, and you’ll find the iconic hallmark of a piece that is CRAFTD to last.
Handcrafted using an age-old cloisonné technique, this 18K gold signet ring features a detailed depiction of the Mother Virgin Mary on a backdrop of rich blue enamel. Intricate rays encircle her hands in prayer, symbolizing the blessings she bestows upon the wearer. A polished border with delicate beadwork surrounds the oval design, and a single red gemstone crowns the top of the ring's face. 
This golden signet features an exclusive design with a detailed depiction of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The central motif is set against a textured guilloché three-layer background and offers a depth like you've never worn before. A polished border inscribed with iconic words "Our Lady of Guadalupe" frames this intricate design, and the golden shank is adorned with a distinctive honeycomb pattern.
This 18K Gold Pendant Necklace features a hand-carved, intricately detailed coin medallion. Its decorative design showcases traditional repoussé-inspired markings and motifs, believed to bring good fortune, luck, and financial abundance to the wearer. 
This vintage signet ring features four hand-set stones on a sleek, silver face. It showcases a vibrant square-cut emerald, two smaller princess-cut AAA grade cubic zirconia stones, and a larger round AAA grade cubic zirconia at the end of the arrangement. The highest quality stones at the most accessible level. Its bold accents provide the impact of a statement signet, with a minimalist shank that stacks effortlessly with any other piece—a timeless addition to any collection.
This exclusive pendant medallion showcases an intricate silver relief of Saint Christopher on a backdrop of pristine white enamel. Handset with an age-old champlevé technique, the piece is framed by a striking red enamel border and the iconic inscription "Saint Christopher Protect Us"—a reminder to step confidently into the unknown, and let what’s meant for you find its way.

This silver band ring links eight circular medallions to form one solid, unbroken band. Hand-carved with intricate detail, each medallion showcases a central cross adorned with letters that hold deeper, hidden meanings. One of these Latin inscriptions translates to "Let not the dragon be my guide," serving as a powerful reminder to believe in yourself, reject negativity, and embrace the path to your highest potential.

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