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Gold Pendants

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Offensive Bear (Gold)Offensive Bear (Gold)
Offensive Bear (Gold) Sale price€69,99
Crossbow (Gold)Crossbow (Gold)
Crossbow (Gold) Sale price€59,99
Compass Pendant (Gold)Compass Pendant (Gold)
Compass Pendant (Gold) Sale price€69,99
Crucifix (Gold)Crucifix (Gold)
Crucifix (Gold) Sale price€69,99
St. Christopher (Gold)St. Christopher (Gold)
St. Christopher (Gold) Sale price€64,99
Sold Out
Rose (Gold)Rose (Gold)
Rose (Gold) Sale price€69,99
Lion (Gold)Lion (Gold)
Lion (Gold) Sale price€59,99
CRAFTD Signature Pendant (Gold)CRAFTD Signature Pendant (Gold)
Wing (Gold)Wing (Gold)
Wing (Gold) Sale price€69,99
Jesus Piece (Gold)Jesus Piece (Gold)
Jesus Piece (Gold) Sale price€69,99
St. Jude (Gold)St. Jude (Gold)
St. Jude (Gold) Sale price€69,99
North Star (Gold)North Star (Gold)
North Star (Gold) Sale price€69,99
Cupid's Revenge (Gold)Cupid's Revenge (Gold)
Cupid's Revenge (Gold) Sale price€69,99
Ankh (Gold)Ankh (Gold)
Ankh (Gold) Sale price€59,99
Angel (Gold)Angel (Gold)
Angel (Gold) Sale price€69,99
Sold Out
Vitruvian (Gold)Vitruvian (Gold)
Vitruvian (Gold) Sale price€69,99
Cross (Gold)Cross (Gold)
Cross (Gold) Sale price€69,99
St. Michael (Gold)St. Michael (Gold)
St. Michael (Gold) Sale price€69,99
Hamsa (Gold)Hamsa (Gold)
Hamsa (Gold) Sale price€69,99
Sold Out
Globe (Gold)Globe (Gold)
Globe (Gold) Sale price€59,99
Arrow (Gold)Arrow (Gold)
Arrow (Gold) Sale price€69,99
Happiness (Gold)Happiness (Gold)
Happiness (Gold) Sale price€69,99
Medusa (Gold/Silver Two-tone)Medusa (Gold/Silver Two-tone)
Hourglass (Gold)Hourglass (Gold)
Hourglass (Gold) Sale price€69,99
Wolf Pendant (Gold)Wolf Pendant (Gold)
Wolf Pendant (Gold) Sale price€69,99
Compass Earring (Gold)Compass Earring (Gold)
Compass Earring (Gold) Sale priceFrom €29,99
Africa Pendant (Gold)Africa Pendant (Gold)
Africa Pendant (Gold) Sale price€69,99
Sold Out
Rose Crest (Gold)Rose Crest (Gold)
Rose Crest (Gold) Sale price€59,99
Sold Out
Heritage (Gold)Heritage (Gold)
Heritage (Gold) Sale price€59,99
Iced Cross (Gold)Iced Cross (Gold)
Iced Cross (Gold) Sale price€79,99
Key (Two-tone)Key (Two-tone)
Key (Two-tone) Sale price€59,99
Sold Out
Skull Pendant (Gold)Skull Pendant (Gold)
Skull Pendant (Gold) Sale price€59,99
Taurus (Gold)Taurus (Gold)
Taurus (Gold) Sale price€50,00
Scorpio (Gold)Scorpio (Gold)
Scorpio (Gold) Sale price€50,00
Sold Out
Cherub (Gold)Cherub (Gold)
Cherub (Gold) Sale price€59,99
Virgo (Gold)Virgo (Gold)
Virgo (Gold) Sale price€50,00
Sagittarius (Gold)Sagittarius (Gold)
Sagittarius (Gold) Sale price€50,00
Pisces (Gold)Pisces (Gold)
Pisces (Gold) Sale price€50,00
Capricorn (Gold)Capricorn (Gold)
Capricorn (Gold) Sale price€50,00
Sold Out
Leo (Gold)Leo (Gold)
Leo (Gold) Sale price€50,00
Libra (Gold)Libra (Gold)
Libra (Gold) Sale price€50,00
Cancer (Gold)Cancer (Gold)
Cancer (Gold) Sale price€50,00
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