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Men's Silver Necklaces

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Connell Chain (Silver) 2mmConnell Chain (Silver) 2mm
Connell Chain (Silver) 2mm Sale priceFrom 533,00 kr
Cuban (Silver) 4mmCuban (Silver) 4mm
Cuban (Silver) 4mm Sale priceFrom 828,00 kr
Rope (Silver) 3mmRope (Silver) 3mm
Rope (Silver) 3mm Sale priceFrom 533,00 kr
Wheat (Silver) 3mmWheat (Silver) 3mm
Wheat (Silver) 3mm Sale priceFrom 533,00 kr
Compass Pendant (Silver)Compass Pendant (Silver)
Compass Pendant (Silver) Sale price828,00 kr
Cuban (Silver) 8mmCuban (Silver) 8mm
Cuban (Silver) 8mm Sale price947,00 kr
Rounded Real Pearl Necklace (Silver)Rounded Real Pearl Necklace (Silver)
Crucifix (Silver)Crucifix (Silver)
Crucifix (Silver) Sale price828,00 kr
Rope (Silver) 5mmRope (Silver) 5mm
Rope (Silver) 5mm Sale priceFrom 592,00 kr
Totem Pendant (Silver)Totem Pendant (Silver)
Totem Pendant (Silver) Sale price710,00 kr
Offensive Bear (Silver)Offensive Bear (Silver)
Offensive Bear (Silver) Sale price828,00 kr
Figaro (Silver) 3mmFigaro (Silver) 3mm
Figaro (Silver) 3mm Sale priceFrom 533,00 kr
North Star (Silver)North Star (Silver)
North Star (Silver) Sale price828,00 kr
Arrow (Silver)Arrow (Silver)
Arrow (Silver) Sale price828,00 kr
Wheat (Silver) 5mmWheat (Silver) 5mm
Wheat (Silver) 5mm Sale priceFrom 592,00 kr
Wing (Silver)Wing (Silver)
Wing (Silver) Sale price828,00 kr
Cuban (Silver) 2mmCuban (Silver) 2mm
Cuban (Silver) 2mm Sale price474,00 kr
Cupid's Revenge (Silver)Cupid's Revenge (Silver)
Cupid's Revenge (Silver) Sale price828,00 kr
Vitruvian (Silver)Vitruvian (Silver)
Vitruvian (Silver) Sale price828,00 kr
St. Michael (Silver)St. Michael (Silver)
St. Michael (Silver) Sale price828,00 kr
Cuban (Silver) 12mmCuban (Silver) 12mm
Cuban (Silver) 12mm Sale price1.124,00 kr
Figaro (Silver) 5mmFigaro (Silver) 5mm
Figaro (Silver) 5mm Sale priceFrom 592,00 kr
Cali Chain (Silver) 2mmCali Chain (Silver) 2mm
Cali Chain (Silver) 2mm Sale price474,00 kr
St. Christopher (Silver)St. Christopher (Silver)
St. Christopher (Silver) Sale price769,00 kr
Triumph (Silver)Triumph (Silver)
Triumph (Silver) Sale price828,00 kr
Rose (Silver)Rose (Silver)
Rose (Silver) Sale price828,00 kr
Snake Chain (Silver) 2mmSnake Chain (Silver) 2mm
Snake Chain (Silver) 2mm Sale price474,00 kr
Toggle Chain (Silver)Toggle Chain (Silver)
Toggle Chain (Silver) Sale price769,00 kr
Rope (Silver) 2mmRope (Silver) 2mm
Rope (Silver) 2mm Sale price474,00 kr
Instincts (Silver)Instincts (Silver)
Instincts (Silver) Sale price828,00 kr
Tennis Chain (Silver) 5mmTennis Chain (Silver) 5mm
Tennis Chain (Silver) 5mm Sale price1.361,00 kr
Round Box Chain (Silver) 2mmRound Box Chain (Silver) 2mm
Round Box Chain (Silver) 2mm Sale price474,00 kr
Ankh (Silver)Ankh (Silver)
Ankh (Silver) Sale price651,00 kr
Iced Cross (Silver)Iced Cross (Silver)
Iced Cross (Silver) Sale price947,00 kr
Happiness (Silver)Happiness (Silver)
Happiness (Silver) Sale price828,00 kr
Africa Pendant (Silver)Africa Pendant (Silver)
Africa Pendant (Silver) Sale price828,00 kr
Angel (Silver)Angel (Silver)
Angel (Silver) Sale price828,00 kr
Jesus Piece (Silver)Jesus Piece (Silver)
Jesus Piece (Silver) Sale price769,00 kr
St. Jude (Silver)St. Jude (Silver)
St. Jude (Silver) Sale price769,00 kr
CRAFTD Signature Pendant (Silver)CRAFTD Signature Pendant (Silver)
Cuban (Sterling Silver) 6mmCuban (Sterling Silver) 6mm
Cuban (Sterling Silver) 6mm Sale priceFrom 2.070,00 kr
Cuban (Sterling Silver) 4mmCuban (Sterling Silver) 4mm
Cuban (Sterling Silver) 4mm Sale priceFrom 1.716,00 kr
Cuban (Sterling Silver) 2mmCuban (Sterling Silver) 2mm
Cuban (Sterling Silver) 2mm Sale priceFrom 1.065,00 kr
Gemini (Silver)Gemini (Silver)
Gemini (Silver) Sale price592,00 kr
King's Crown (Silver)King's Crown (Silver)
King's Crown (Silver) Sale price828,00 kr
Yellow Gemstone Clover Necklace (Silver)Yellow Gemstone Clover Necklace (Silver)
Clover Real Pearl Necklace (Silver)Clover Real Pearl Necklace (Silver)
King's Key (Silver)King's Key (Silver)
King's Key (Silver) Sale price828,00 kr
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